Breacher | An Advanced Admin Panel Finder


Many security researchers are nowadays engaged in security testing. Most of them finds out the web sensitive details like admin login, customer data and etc through the database breach. But finding out admin login is of no use if you don’t even know what the actual URL is? Finding out admin panel login is now pain in the ass for security researchers. Manually searching out for admin login may take 5-6 hours for finding. But there are many tools available on the Internet that gets your thing done!

Breacher is a admin panel finder which helps the individual to find out the admin panel in seconds.


A script to find admin login pages and EAR vulnerabilites.


  •  Multi-threading on demand
  •  Big path list (482 paths)
  •  Supports php, asp and html extensions
  •  Checks for potential EAR vulnerabilites
  •  Checks for robots.txt
  •  Support for custom patns


  • Check all paths with php extension
python breacher -u --type php
  • Check all paths with php extension with threads
python breacher -u --type php --fast
  • Check all paths without threads
python breacher -u
  • Adding a custom path. For example if you want all paths to start with /data (…) you can do this:
python breacher -u --path /data

Note: When you specify an extension using –type option, Breacher includes paths of that extension as well as paths with no extensions like /admin/login

Video Demo



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