This Bug In Firefox Can Crash Your Browser In Windows, Linux & Mac


The bug in Firefox which has capability to crash. The bug, reported by a security researcher named Sabri Haddouche. This bug can not only crash your browser, but also the Operating System on which it is running.

As per ZDNet’s report, this bug in Firefox can force all the major Operating System crash – Mac, Linux & Windows.

Bug In Firefox

It is reported that this bug can crash whole Operating System for those who are running Windows. To overcome this crash, users have to hard reboot their system which may cause data loss. On other hand, Linux & Mac users returns with a dialog popup about sending the crash report to Monzilla Firefox.

Bug In Firefox

The same test were performed for other devices which has Firefox supported. Mobile phones remained unaffected with iOS & Android. The major reason behind iOS & Android not crashing is because of Quantum Engine of Monzilla Firefox. This leaves iPhone and iPad unaffected from the bug.

How Does The Bug Works?

Haddouche explained that the bug contains a script which generates a file (a blob) with an extremely long filename.

The content prompts the program to download it each one millisecond which “surges the IPC (Inter-Process Communication) channel between Firefox’s child and principle process,” and in the long run freezes the program.

This script runs on HTML with a “<script>” tagline. You can download the source code of the bug from Sadri’s Github repo.

Meanwhile, Mozilla has been notified of this new exploit and has been added to the company’s bug tracking platform. We can expect a fix soon.

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