Choosing a Strong Password

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Nowadays, Passwords are considered to be the most confidential data of someone’s digital life. One must keep their password that are strong enough so that whenever there is a breach, hacker cannot decrypt your password.

Choosing Secured Passwords

Choosing strong and secured passwords always doesn’t mean that it should contain special symbols, letters and alphabets. The password you choose matters, not the character present. So next time, make sure you choose a strong password considering the quality of it.

An average password must contain atleast a letter,a capital letter alphabet, a special symbol like ‘@’, a number and so on.

But when a hacker tries to decrypt a password, he does it from billions of password combinations. So, choose a password that doesn’t contain ‘a word’, I mean, a dictionary work.

Choosing Really Strong Password

In above paragraph, we can see the average password combinations. But now to choose a ‘really’ strong password is a great deal. I mean, it is not a big deal but it’s easy to use.

Let’s take a sentence, maybe a sentence from a movie? Let’s take this sentence.

‘I love Nissan Skyline Very Much Which Cost 1$’

Now this sentence looks crazy, but it covers all the basic combinations we need. But we cannot use this as a password so let’s take the first letter of every word beginning. We’ll use the above given sentence.


Now, this looks nice, doesn’t it? The ‘I’ stands for ‘I’ as a capital alphabet, ‘l’ stands for ‘love’, ‘ns’ stands for Nissan Skyline, ‘vm’ stands for ‘very much’, ‘w’ stands for which and ‘c1$’ stands for ‘costs 1$’.

This isn’t a dictionary word, nor a simple sentence. You cannot find this password anywhere else. You can use any sentence in your mind. For example

  • I love Honda City 2007 Model @ pricing of 27,000 INR = [email protected]
  • My hobby is to do computer hacking and that gets me paid for 2$. = Mhitdchatgmpf2$
  • There is an appointment for me @ 7 PM. = [email protected]

Above are some sentences that contains all the combinations we need for a ‘basic’ password.

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