Chrome to Soon Drop “Secure” tag from HTTPS Websites

https remove

Google has announced on this Thursday on an official blog post that they are soon going to stop showing “Secure” tag in URL box with HTTPS websites. This will be done gradually by the Google in upcoming months.

Chrome 69 launching in the month of September 2018 will remove green “secure” mark leaving it with a green padlock. And gradually, that padlock too will be removed.

What will happen to “HTTP” websites?

The “HTTP” website or the website without SSL will be marked with a strong “red” mark in Chrome’s upcoming release of Chrome 70 which will be available in market after 69 in the month of October 2018.

Not Secure

It is happening because these HTTPS mark or SSL mark are now available for free in market with hosting plans. Nowadays, hosting providers like, GoDaddy, etc are providing free SSL with their hosting package in order to get their users enable “SSL” on their websites.

By the way, What is HTTPS and HTTP?

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and HTTPS is quite similar by adding “secure” at the end making it “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure”. HTTPS is considered to be more secure then compared to HTTP because HTTPS uses encrypted protocol known as “TLS”. TLS stands for “Transport Layer Security”.

It has been a long run for Google to make Internet a “100% HTTPS” and soon you’ll see all websites around Google with “HTTPS”.

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