CryptoVirus Hits Windows And Linux Kodi Users; 4,700+ Users Affected


A large amount of users who were enjoying live stream on Kodi were found to be infected. Cryptovirus hits Windows and Linux Kodi users and had started mining Monero coin without their consent, reported by ZDNet.

CryptoVirus Hits Windows And Linux Kodi Users

ESET, a famous cyber security firm reported that users who downloaded add-on(s) from Bubbles, Gaia and XvBMC repositories were infected. A sudden increase of CPU usage was detected.

The cryptomalware was said to have infected the PC of the users and started mining Monero coin.

It was found that, the malware mined 62 coins which is equivalent to approximately 7,000$. Overall, 4700+ users were infected. Most of the infected users were located in countries such as the US, the UK, Greece, Israel, and the Netherlands, countries where Kodi usage is also high.

What is Kodi?

Kodi, is a famous media player center owned by XBMC and is widely used by many people all over the world. Kodi is simply a hardware, and you need to download add-ons from the official repository or third-party repositories to start streaming the content.

If you have downloaded any of these repository, you should uninstall them from your PC right now. You may don’t know, but your PC might still be mining the Monero coins.

The repository who were hosting the infected add-on(s), is taken down right now due to some copyright infringement issues.

Despite the fact that Kodi is available for many platforms such as Raspberry Pi, MacOS, Android, iOS, etc. It was found that it only has affected, Linux & Windows users at the moment.

If you are a victim of this infection, you are requested to uninstall or disable Kodi until any further announcement by Kodi.

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