BREAKING: All ‘DDoS For Hire’ Websites Online Taken Down By Feds

DDoS For Hire Taken Down website screenshot

BREAKING : It was just a normal evening when I decided to visit some hack forums where I would find out cool stuffs I can use for my testing purpose until I found something that shocked me. Yes, someone told me that all available DDoS-For-Hire websites online were taken down.

Starting from 21st December, all DDoS-For-Hire websites were reportedly defaced by Feds of US Department of Justice & FBI.

What Is ‘DDoS For Hire’ Service?

‘DDoS for Hire’ is a category of websites that provides DDoS services for few dollars. Buying a subscription of 5-10 USD can avail you so strong DDoS service that can take down government websites.

Despite of recent’s take down, the market still continued to be on top and new websites would be launched every month.

But it looks like Feds from US Law agencies has recently seized all domains whilst websites that were yet to be defaced were taken down and were non-accessible.

Quantum Streesser Down
Quantum Streesser Down

Why Did This Even Happen?

Lets be logical here. You pay thousands of dollar to build up your website and your business. But someone else pays 10 bucks to take it down in no time. How does it feel to you? Yes, it can be used illegally. No, but it was used illegally.

Such booters are meant to provide stress testing services for only legal and personal use only. But only one out of a hundred is used for right purpose rather then taking down competitors.

DDoS For Hire Services Taken Down

Here is the screenshot of how does it looks like.

DDoS For Hire Taken Down website screenshot

Google Indexes All Seized Websites

You do a ‘dork’ search on Google to find out the list of websites. The query is ‘booter intitle:Domain Seizure‘.

Google indexes seized domains

How Can It Benefit Others?

It would benefit alot. Yes, it would indirectly benefit business owners alot but would also give abusers a new palace. There are some cyber armies that use such booters in order to taken down cheaters and script kiddies. Lets keep them aside because they’ll find some other ways.

Those who were facing constant DDoS attacks on their website would be relieved for now. Mostly competitors are the one who would DDoS your website by buying such booter’s subscription.

Does Booter/Stresser Need Any Extra-Terrestrial Skills To Be Operated?

Literally? No. All you have to do is to go to their website, register, checkout package, buy a suitable one to destroy your competitor(joking), and boot him off(still joking).

Can I Start My Own Web Stresser/Booter Service As These Are Down?

Sure, why not? There are many booters/stresser source codes available online which you can download. All you would need is to spend few hundred bucks per month on buying spoofed dedicated servers to DDoS with.

What Would It Take?

Umm, nothing much more than getting yourself arrested. Yes, the way Feds have taken down such websites surely indicates that they’ve implemented some operatives and laws against such websites.

Is There Any Stress Testing Service Left Online?

Yes, there is one. It looks like isn’t affected by these defacements. The reason behind this maybe because of their limitations and strict rules. Who knows if it is an insiders job?(LOL, joking)(but who knows?).

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