Facebook Messenger Unsend Feature For Chats Rolling Out Soon


Finally! The most awaited features for Facebook users is rolling out soon. You may now unsend what you’ve sent mistakenly to your Facebook friends over messenger. Facebook messenger unsend feature rolling out soon!

According to Techcrunch report, the company is working on the prototype feature to unsend messages. This feature was firstly spotted when deleting messages from Mark Zuckerberg’s account.

Tipster Jane Manchun Wong twitted on Friday about the unsend feature.

Facebook Messenger Unsend Feature

As of now, when user deletes messages from his/her inbox, the message gets deleted from the sender’s inbox only, but not the receiver. This feature would allow to unsend message from both the side.

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However, both the child company of Facebook, that is, Instagram and WhatsApp both has the features to unsend messages. Instagram users can delete sent messages anytime without any time limitation while WhatsApp allows only one hour to delete sent messages.

Manchun Wong also noted that the messages that were sent can be deleted within a specific amount of time only. Just like WhatsApp’s limitation of one hour deletion allowance.

When will this feature be out to everyone?

The company hasn’t confirmed it’s exact date for the feature to be rolled out. But as per the past record for the feature, it seems like it would be out soon.

Conclusion for Facebook Messenger Unsend Feature

I’m personally waiting for this feature to roll out. Facebook did it right to put up the time limitation to delete the sent messages to be unsent. This protects users from “some” possible cases of messages/pics being sent mistakenly. For example, in case if you have sent some pics which you shouldn’t have, you can unsend it.

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