Personal Facebook Users Message Of Upto 81,000 Are For Sale Online

Facebook users personal message

In a BBC Report on 2nd November, it appears that the hackers have hacked more than 81,000 users. Not exactly hacked, but the account’s private messages were intercepted by the hackers and the data(s) were stored. The hacker claims to have hacked over 120 million Facebook users personal message.

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Personal Facebook Users Message Of Upto 81,000 Are For Sale Online

Most of the compromised accounts are from Russia followed by Ukraine. Also some USA & UK users are reportedly too be compromised.

How Did BBC Got To Know About The Online Sale?

The perpetrators told BBC Russian service in an online English forum website about the accounts compromised. For verification, the hacker gave over 81,000 accounts to cyber security firm. The firm confirmed that the accounts had private messages.

However, the personal facebook users message that were put on sale was taken offline. In simple words, the advertisement for the sale were taken offline.

The Price Of Accounts That Were Put On Sale

Every account has been given a price of one cent. That converts into 0.73 Indian currency. BBC also contacted the infected users for the confirmation of the breach. The Russian users confirmed that the chats were theirs.

How Did This Compromise Happen? Was Facebook Compromised?

No. Facebook denied that their system wasn’t compromised. This happened because of an online browser extension unnamed by BBC. The extension closely monitored Facebook user’s personal details and activities and recorded them.

What Did Facebook Say About The Incident?

“We have contacted browser-makers to ensure that known malicious extensions are no longer available to download in their stores,” said Facebook’s Executive, Guy Rosen.

How Can We Protect Ourselves From Such Compromise?

As per our personal tips, we would advice you to not install unknown extensions. Or whenever you see any unusual behaviour from your browser like pop ups and other things, better log out of the social media and use your mobile phones instead. Not only about the extension, but also phishing. Beware and do not login into any suspicious websites that claims to giveaway free likes/followers. 99.9% of such websites store your data which later they put on sale.


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