How to find Wi-Fi Password Using Command Prompt

Command Prompt WiFi Extraction

It is very easy for someone to find password when stored in a computer. When someone enters their Wi-Fi’s password on your computer, you can retrive it with few commands. This command works even when you are offline. So, Let’s begin.

Whenever someone enters their WiFi’s password on your computer/laptop, the password is saved in an encrypted form in your PC. However, with few commands, you can get to know the password stored on your computer.

It is very easy to perform. You don’t need to download any third party application to do that. Nor you need any GUI for it. So let’s begin with the steps.

  • Click on Start button then type ‘cmd’ on it and then right click on the black window icon and press ‘Run as Administrator’.

Start Menu with Command prompt as administrator

  • Now in next step, as soon as the command prompt is opened, type the following command to see the profiles/WiFi stored in your computer.

netsh wlan show profile

  • Now you’ll see a list of WiFi that has been previously connected to your computer. Now let’s take the WiFi as ‘TP-Link’ for the article. Type the following command to get the password for the WiFi ‘TP-Link’.

netsh wlan show profile TP-Link key=clear

  • And you’re done! With the above given command, you’ll be able to see the WiFi password(key) in your command prompt window.


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