Largest Free VPS Distribution Community Closing Down


On 1st May 2018, the community administrator of has posted in an announcement about the permanent closure of the community. This closure will gradually take place from a given timeline., known as the largest Free Virtual Private Server(VPS) distribution community founded back in year 2010 in the month of April. FreeVPS has been providing VPS through their sponsors from last eight years without any discontinuation.

But because of recent announcement about closure, it has become difficult for their existing user to find another Free VPS community. In the announcement, Ignis said that users with existing free VPS can contact the sponsors to continue the VPS server and shift it to paid one.

Why is the closure happening?

As stated in the announcement, due to immense stress and decline in community being active and loosing two of the biggest sponsors has caused this.

This website was founded by @dmmcintyre3 back in April 2010 with the goal of providing those in need with a free VPS. VPS prices at the time were far higher than they are now and most people couldn’t afford them. Since then, however, VPSs have decreased in popularity as cloud-based solutions like Amazon’s AWS and easy website tools like Squarespace and Wix have taken their place. We’ve seen the result on our forum as well: we’ve lost sponsors, activity is down, and fewer new members sign up.

Here is the timeline posted by Ignis, the administrator of the community.

  • Immediately: End of VPS Giveaways. Support Limited to issues that prevent getting data off the VPS.(1st May onwards)
  • 1 May 2018: New user registration disabled. Only currently registered users will be able to post from here on out.
  • 31 May 2018: Deadline for transferring VPS to a paid service. All VPSes that have not been transferred will be terminated out of respect for sponsors’ resources. End of support for VPSes.
  • 30 June 2018: Forum placed in read-only / archive mode, shoutbox removed. No users will be able to post or use the shoutbox anymore.

A message that is posted by one of their retired staff is.. Closure website will be closed and will be kept in read-only mode by end of the month of June as stated in timeline of closure.

What actually Free VPS is?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a “virtual” part of a dedicated box situated somewhere around the globe. The location of the VPS depends on the location of the dedicated box. In simple words, we can say it as virtual computer. To rent a VPS, the consumer must pay few dollars per month to keep it running. was doing the same by providing the VPS from the dedicated box provided by their sponsors. Startups, gameservers, websites and other online community using their service have been shocked because of the closure.

I salute to the whole staff and thank them for providing to the one who needed it.

Other free VPS communities like has too started showing decline in activity. The main cause of closure of Free VPS communities are lack of sponsors and decline in activity. Most of the users that joins the community are more likely present just for VPS and once they get it, they just abandon the community for the month. At the end of the month, they come back and post few times. Earning the post to keep their vps and abandon them back.

How does Free VPS community works?

To get a free vps from the community, users must show some activity within their forums by earning a small amount of post. Once the user passes the threshold, he/she can post a request for FreeVPS and it will be accepted by the staffs if the user meets the requirements. Sponsors *were* more likely to sponsor Free VPS communities because earning posts increases the activity of the community and the higher the activity is the more visibility on the Google is possible. To get backlinks, sponsors usually gives a small part of their container to communities in exchange of backlinks.


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