Women Files Lawsuit Against Samsung After Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire

Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire

A women from USA filed lawsuit against Samsung after Galaxy Note 9 catches fire inside her purse. For those who are not aware of price, Samsung cost approximately 1000$. They have a powerful battery backup of 4000 mAh.

Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire Inside Diane Chung’s purse. (Real Estate Agent)

The real estate agency women files lawsuit against Samsung after it becomes extremely hot when she was in elevator. [According to New York Time Post Report].

The women stated in the report that her phone started to become very “hot” and she stopped using her phone. She opened her purse and stored the “hot” phone inside it. After a short span of seconds, she noticed smoke coming out of her purse. She then threw her bag on the floor of the elevator and tried to take out the phone, burning her fingers.

After the elevator reached it’s destination floor, she kicked the phone out of the elevator. A Samaritan noticed the burning phone on the floor outside the elevator and he extinguished the fire with water and fire extinguisher.

After all, this was the first report of phone catching fire of Galaxy Note 9. For those who don’t remember, there was tons of cases when Galaxy Note 7 catched fire in 2016. At that time, Samsung recalled millions of devices and had to refund the amount which caused them a huge financial loss and lawsuits.

According to the women, the event left her traumatized and unable to contact her clients, and the filed legal claim seeks reparation for damages.

Quick Summary

A women from America named Diane Chung who is a real estate agent files lawsuit against Samsung after her Galaxy Note 9 catches fire inside her purse. After this incident, she approached Queens Supreme Court and files lawsuit and seeks repair of damage occurred to her.

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