Google launches ‘Google Bulletin’, Can Transform Anyone Into Journalist


If you have ever dreamed of becoming a news reporter or a journalist, Google launched something that you would love! Google launches ‘Google Bulletin’ platform as a news platform on Google.

Google Bulletin is an effort to provide more relevant news to its readers by letting netizens to write their news and post it on Google Bulletin. It allows the author to add post, edit, add media pictures, add thumbnail and alot more using an application. So normally, Bulletin is a people-powered platform until Google hires a number of reporters.

Once the author posts his news, he/she can share his/her news via any social networking platform such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

However, one of the things that are of concern is how Google would ensure the authenticity of the content shared by those self-declared neighborhood reporters. Also, they aren’t the first to come up with a citizen reporter app, but the Google branding might make it easier for Bulletin to cover a large ambit and get a strong user base.


Before making it public and being possessed around the globe, Google is currently running ‘Google Bulletin’ in Nashville, Tennessee, and Oakland, California as a trial run. If anyone like to enroll themselves earlier, they may follow the link given below.

What do you think about it’s recent release? Comment down!




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