Google Inbox Soon Closing Down; Shift To Gmail Before 2019

Google inbox soon closing down

After months of slow progress of Google Inbox, Google Inbox soon closing down. In it’s blog post, Google announced about the closure of Google Inbox and a complete shift force to it’s users to Gmail. The Inbox by Gmail is closing soon by the month of March next year, in 2019. Google Inbox fans have less then 7 months to shift themselves and get adjusted to Gmail instead of Google Inbox.

Google Inbox Soon Closing Down

Initially, Google Inbox was found in year 2014 as an experiment by Google. It had features like bundling emails, and awesome AI features like Smart Reply, Nudges and high-priority notifications.

This sudden announcement isn’t a great surprise yet. Google has already added many Inbox features to Gmail. Also, the long interval or no upd8ate has already indicated about the closure of Google Inbox earlier.

Still Google hasn’t added enough features in it’s Gmail platform. Although Google hasn’t yet added exciting features yet, there is still 7 months left for Google to make changes. It is more then enough for tech-giants like Google to make dozens of remarkable features. Still, It is great to see that Google is focusing on a single e-mail platform. It makes it more relevant for a giant to be focused on one.

This brings in a lot of possible improvements in the Gmail. Like we might see some AI features in the future. For now, if you face any difficulties transitioning over to Gmail, you check out this Google guide to know more.

I am personally too excited for the upcoming features of Gmail. Are you too excited? Comment down your thoughts in comment sections below and let us know what you think about Google’s major change in it’s “electronic mail” service.

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