Google Wiped 700,000 Apps From Playstore Using AI


In the recent days, The tech giant, Google has recently announced that they have successfully removed over 700,000 Android applications from Playstore. It means that Google wiped over almost 3/4 million applications that were suspected as malware, copycats, malicious and other illegal apps in year 2017.

For this mass take down of these bad apps, Google has given credits to its new learning based artificial intelligence system that automatically detects the bad apps and removes them.

Almost 99% of bad apps with abusive content has been removed from Playstore before they reach the Android users. If we come to copy cats, Google has successfully removed over 250,000 applications from Playstore.

If we talk about the number of apps that are taken down in 2017, it is alot more then the previous year of the take down, that is, 2016. In 2017, Google took down 700,000 which is 70% more then the previous year that is 2016.

Google successfully managed to remove the developers of these bad applications. The estimated suspension from the platform is about 150,000 developers who were behind these bad apps with abusive contents.

For the successful outcome of their year-round cleaning regime, Google also praises the Google Play Protect app scanning tool which reduced the install rates of PHAs by up to 50%.

For this achievement, Google really deserves appreciation from it’s users. This helped the developers to be more confident for their future updates for their existed apps in Playstore. It also makes a safer environment for the Android users who are using Google Playstore as their downloading platform. Google is currently working on numbers of upcoming projects in the years of 2018, 2019 and so on. Android P is one of their upcoming projects. However, as always, Google is quite expert in keeping secrets till the date of the release of their project. Yet, many things to come in future.



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