Guest Posting On The Shadow Press Blog[Golden Opportunity]

Are you a blogger? Or a part time worker? Not part-time? Overtime? Oh, so you’re a house wife? Why so much discrimination? You all can! If you’ve got a good skill in blogging, you can do a “guest post” on our website. Let’s see the pros and pros of Guest Posting.

Why Is Guest Posting Is Essential For Bloggers

There are many pros for guest posting as it gives authority of your name to various search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo and etc.


For example, if you own a personal blog on your own like I own (, and if you’re active on it, you’ll get authority on your name. That’s for blogging. Let’s see what has Guest posting got.

Ranking Of Your Website

According to Neil Patel, posting as a guest on someone’s blog not only generates lead, but also revenue for your website. How can guest posting generate revenue? It’s a simple indirect factor. Like you post on someone’s blog, the post’s author box is given at the end of the article which has got your website’s link. The most important thing is, the website has DoFollow link.

Manal Shaikh's Author Box

Dofollow links gives higher authority for your website if you use it correctly.

Get Known To Readers From Blogs

Apart from being backlinks, you get known! When you represent yourself on someone’s blog it gives you the name in their community. The readers of that particular blog being to be aware of your work. Maybe this can leader to a job for you? Who knows?

Get known to others

You can even link you social media accounts or pages to gain new audience reaches. It will also help you to do brand awareness if you represent your brand name after yours. Most of bloggers won’t accept guest posting under brand name.

Boost Your Sales

The same thing repeats! The best practice to boost your company’s sale is to do follow the backlink method as mentioned above. For example if you own a company whose domain’s DA & PA is below or equal to 15. And if you post on a blog with 45+ DA & PA, you get recognized by Google! Writing on another blog will not only increase your domain and page authority, but also will give you leads and sales as you’ve started getting on top.

Posting On Shadow Press!

Shadow Press is a news media & technical tutorial website where you find everything related to technology and innovation. It was originally named “ShortBytes” after it was merged with Shadow Networks and named as The Shadow Press.

For those who don’t know, Shadow Network International is a web solution, hosting & cyber intelligence industry company.

Guest Posting on Shadow Press

Things what you need to have to being with posting on our website.

[code][*]Intermediate level of vocabulary without(exceptions) grammatical errors.

[*]One or two months of experience in blogging.

[*]Must be from a nation which is not black listed on Shadow Networks International.

[*] Posting about technical related stuffs ONLY.

It would work out if you don’t have any experience. You can submit your article to us and we’ll optimize it as per your need and post it on our blog with your name.

The best part is that if your post is quality-rich and has good length which has higher possibility, you may get paid for it!

Submit Your Article at guest[email protected].

If you don’t get replied within 48 hours of sending us your article, you can contact us on Facebook page. This will help us accelerate your request, and get things faster for future.

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