Guide on “how to become a hacker?”

How to?
Nowadays peoples which are engaged on social networking sites and some joins hacking groups and gets impressed by them. It’s actually a cool thing, also bad thing and depending on how you use your knowledge. For helping peoples, for bad purposes, for hacking government as a sign of protest and etc. Some thinks that they are hacker when they hack games like candy crush or clash of clans or whatsoever by third party apps. Actually hacking is a term where no one can become a perfect hacker. Some noobs think that they installed Kali Linux and became hacker, what? Now do you even know how to operate the thing you installed? No, you don’t know. So for becoming a hacker needs you to be a person with willingness to learn everything in terms of “hacking” because 95/100 peoples just wants to become hacker to know “how to hack wifi”,”how to hack clash of clans and get unlimited golds,elixar,gems”,”how to hack fb”and etc. To become a hacker, you must have willingness and paitence at most. Now let’s start with our basics need to become a hacker.
Joining groups
Joining groups is the first thing that will inspire you for becoming a hacker. You will see hackers doing activities like defacing websites, getting access to the server, hacking into public wifi and doing MITM(man in the middle attack) and etc. This is make you understand what you can do in future after becoming a hacker and what you need to learn as a hacker.
Using Linux regularly
Why to use Linux? It is because nowadays 95% of hacking activities are executed using Linux computing. It’s just like you started using Windows, you came to know about games, you hacked them via third party applications like “Cheat engine” and etc. It’s just the same. Linux will provide you many modules which will help you to sharpen your knowledge in Linux computing and becoming a hacker. Also another reason is 90% of hacking scripts are made of python, perl and other linux programming languages. Yes, You can use them on windows too but installing them on Linux is way easier then you think. Just few words command on terminal and you are all done!
Use search engines for your needs.
Using search engine is one of the most important thing that will optimize your way of learning in cyber world. Disturbing someone else for your questions is the worst thing. The person whom you are asking may get angry. You know how they become hacker? The thing is using search engine. Search Engine digs out whole Internet and finds you the relevant results for your query. If you have a problem with your Internet connection, how to boost it? If you ask your friend who is expert in these, do you even know when will he reply? Or maybe get angry from you because you kept asking him “how to do this”, “how to do that?”. Using search engine isn’t a big deal. Open them, type in what you want to search! It’s that simple! Also you can do research on your topic using search engine.
Getting Anonymous
Hiding yourself is a big deal. You can’t become a hacker sitting in jail. When you do hacking, you do on servers, websites and mostly without permission which can result in jail. So hiding yourself in this Cyber world is the most important thing in Cyber world. Because Law Enforcement agencies like CIA, NSA, FBI and etc are having a watch on you and your activities. Also as per Rule 45, FBI have permission to hack any computer around the world. So to avoid yourself being exposed or hacked, You need to hide your identities using VPNs, RDPs,Proxies and etc..

Learning To Code

Learning to code is another most important thing. You need to learn how to code because you may need it. You need to understand the algorithm and learn how do they actually work. It is the most important thing because if you understand the algorithm and you know how to code, then you can code anything, any program, any exploit which will help you hack anything. Various types of coding which will help you in writing exploits and programs are C,C++,Python,Perl,Ruby,PHP(WebI) and etc.
We will continue with our topic and explore more points through which we can become a great hacker.
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