Hackers Group Cobra Command Claims To Have Taken Down Flipkart


Introduction: The hackers group Cobra Command now have claimed to have taken down Flipkart. As per their recent post on Facebook, it was for security testing and was down for just 5 minutes.

Today in the after noon, that is 12:50 PM of India. We got an update from the hacker group of Cobra Command. They’ve recently claimed that they have taken down the biggest shopping website of India, that is Flipkart.

Flipkart is an Indian shopping website with a net worth of 1.4 billion American dollars. It was recently claimed to be taken down for 5 minutes by a hacker’s group named “Cobra Command”.

Cobra Command had recently claimed to have taken down big websites likes NASA, Pakistani Government, Cybrary and etc. You can read the article of their recent attack.

After investigating the check-host provided by them, it was revealed that the downtime was for real. The screenshot of check-host report is given below.

As you can see, ShortBytes is the first to report about this matter. We will keep updating you about this matter.


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