Information Gathering of a domain name.


Daily thousands of domains are being registered and and a total of billions of domains are registered overall. We don’t know who owns which domain. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to find the owner name of a domain and his information.

Is it legal or illegal to find the owner’s detail?
Yes, This method is totally legal and open source. Everyone has access to this feature.
How can be Information gathering be useful?
Information gathering can be useful in many ways, it can be useful for Law Enforcement agencies to catch the owner of a domain who runs an illegal website, Useful for a website’s visitor to know about the owner of the website which he/she is visiting.
What type of information we can get about the domain owner?
We can get to know about his/her name,phone number,mobile number, fax number, residential address and etc.
Can the owner of that specific domain hide his private information?
Yes, He/she can hide those information by going in his/her registrar control panel. However some of registrar costs a small amount of money to hide his/her information from the Internet. The service which hides the information of the owner is called “WHOIS Guard”,
What is the service name provided by the Internet through which we can find the owner’s information?
The service provided by the Internet through which we find the owner of that specific domain is called “WHOIS“. WHOIS is a service through which we can find the name of the owner of that specific domain.
How can I find the name of the owner and his information?
It is very easy to find the information of the domain’s owner. You can Google “Whois” and many website who provides WHOIS service will come up in the search result. But for this tutorial, we have selected You can go to and input the domain name and press enter. A simpler way is just add the domain name without http:// after the above URL. Example . If you visit this link, you will go to a web page in which you can find the owner’s detail of the website
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