Instagram & Facebok Faces Severe Lag; Trends On Twitter

Facebook & Instagram Down

It’s not the first time Instagram & Facebook went down. But it’s not always when the downtime of both platforms trends on other social media.

Users have been complaining about social media websites and applications not responding or severely lagging. This is reported at a global scale downtime. Not only in India or Asia, but Facebook and Instagram are also reported to be lagging/facing downtime throughout the globe.

What’s The Reason Behind Downtime?

“Instagram is down, according to some of its users. A huge number of people rushed to complain that the photo-sharing website had broken. The outage comes on Thanksgiving morning in the US, leading many to joke that they had been forced to engage with their family members.”, reported by Independent UK.

However, it is still unclear why the websites are down. Instagram posted about the downtime on their Twitter handle but keeping people in dark what is causing this.

It is pretty much sure that the websites are down not because of any hacking attempt as it’s thanksgiving and on global occasions, this is normal when a huge amount of people post which lags the entire network of Facebook and it’s child companies.

Which Websites Are Down?

Other websites might be facing but currently, Facebook and Instagram are only social media platforms reported to be down. If you’re facing downtime too, you can join the trend on Twitter. Or you can comment down on it.

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