Introduction to Doxing, What is it? How to avoid it?


Doxing? Ever heard about it? Yea, Probably you have heard about it. What is it? Is it dangerous? How to avoid it if it is dangerous? Let’s go through all these questions.

Doxing is a term which means an Online user being exposed by a hacker. search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

How do hackers dox us or any other victim?
Doxing is performed when a hacker have a single and a small clue through which he can find out all details about him. Example a hacker wants to Dox a guy named “Somdev”. Is he on facebook? If yes then we can use his facebook username. So at the end, somdev.sangwan is the username of that victim. Now the hacker will paste the username on Google or any other search engine. If the victim is a blogger then he may surely have updated his information on his blog. It may contain his email or any other information. Through that information he will find out more. He will do Information gathering of the victim’s domain and find out his name, address, email, and other information.

How to avoid Doxing? 
To avoid Doxing, you should always hide your information from Internet. If you own a domain name then you should invest a little and buy WHOIS Guard through which domain’s WHOIS Information would get changed. Never post up personal details like email, phone number or etc on your article or blog. Try to not to earn fame because sooner or later it will result for you being a lame.

How can Doxing be dangerous?
Doxing can be very dangerous. After hacker gets the detail about you, he can use it to make fake accounts. Even nowadays details are being sold online on Dark Web. You wouldn’t really know but if the details are authentic then it can be sold on Internet and can be used for any illegal purposes. It all depends on hacker who have doxed you. It depends on him for what purposes he will use your information for….

So be careful and take some precautions while getting yourself online.

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