New Hacking Group “Cobra Command” Takes Down Big Websites.


SmallBytes : An Indian Hackers group have claimed that they have taken down big websites like Pakistan Government websites and other big e-commerce websites. But the most important thing is they’ve claimed to take down NASA.

Last week, an Indian Hackers group launched a Facebook page with a description of “security testing”. They have claimed to have taken down big websites like International Airport of Pakistan Karachi, International Airport of Pakistan Islamabad. But as per the CH/check-host report, it was meant to be really down. No one knows whether it was a DDoS attack or a system failure from the vendor of those websites.

But the things have gone crazy when they claimed to have taken down NASA. They’ve posted on 11:15 PM on 26th of September that was taken down by them.

They also provided a Check Host report in which all the countries have shown NASA to be down.

But still there was no reply from the NASA in their social account or their news website.

The hackers group have mentioned taking down NASA for security purpose. But taking down NASA isn’t that easy because NASA is one of the biggest space association website.

Not only NASA but websites like Cybrary, the one of the most popular website for learning hacking was too down as per their claim.

The recent post of “Cobra Command” have recently posted by a declaration of Cyber War against Pakistan.

We will keep updating you with this report.


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