Expedia’s Orbitz Says, 880k Payment Cards Stolen in Breach

Orbitz Website Screenshot

Chicago-based online flight booking website was recently reported to be hacked. However, the website which was hacked wasn’t official and was old website of Orbitz. Orbitz stated that over 880,000 payment cards were stolen from their website which was used by their customer to book flights from their website. The credit card were stored in old website.

The data breach incident, which was detected earlier this month, likely took place somewhere between October 2016 and December 2017, potentially exposing customers’ information to hackers.

According to Orbitz, not only the payment cards but also customer’s personal details were too stolen. It included name,address,gender,pin code,country,document enclosure and etc.

Orbitz company stated, they have their security enhanced and are working with law enforcement agencies to find the guilty of the breach. The company also stated that their official website orbitz.com wasn’t hacked and is safe.

“We deeply regret the incident, and we are committed to doing everything we can to maintain the trust of our customers and partners,” Orbitz said in a statement.

Thousands of users who were a part of this impact were notified about the breach. The company is issuing a compensation of one year of free credit monitoring and identity protection service to affected users.


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The users who are impact of this attack are advised to closely monitor their current transactions to avoid unusual expenditure from their payment cards and inform to their banks about the unusual data.




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