How To Protect Business From Security Breach [Detailed Guide]

Protect Business From Security Breach

Running business is not an easy task. If you think, you can become rich by just launching a business and get sales, you are wrong. It is a good practice to run business online as it boost your sales and brand awareness by 10x times. In this article, we’re gonna learn to protect business from security breach. So let’s begin with our ethics & steps.

Protect Business From Security Breach

Let’s do it step by step so it would be easier for us to remember every points.

1. Never Respond To Malicious Emails or Engage With It

Business owners often gets spam emails. Google usually puts such emails in it’s spam category and puts it as “red” mark on the email. If you are an old-school businessmen/women, you should once had encountered to such an email. These emails usually contains about you winning 5 million or 10 million dollars or more or less. These emails are so well organized that you won’t find it to be “scam” or “spam”. But never respond to such emails or you would encounter with many more spam and scam emails and advertisements that you would have to delete them a-lot daily. If you respond or click to any malicious link then there is 80% chance that your computer would’ve been infected by some kind of trojan or malware through which hacker is keeping an eye on you and your business confidential activities. This is a potential and a common threat that everyone should be aware of.

2. Keep Your Operating System & Antivirus Updated

Operating system and antivirus companies usually put up updates against intrusion of hackers and malicious vulnerabilities in your computer system. Make sure you always update them so whenever a potential threat comes up, your system has the ability to stop it. This not only goes for your personal computer, but it implies for your server too(if you run one). Because when a hacker targets a company/organization, he/she targets their digital system for the first. The first priority would be their website/server because that’s where database is stored. If he/she fails in breaching your server(because you had your server protected), he/she will try to access your PC later then.

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3. Download Only What You Need

Download only what you need as you may see about the recent Kodi cryptomalware infection that was used to mine cryptocurrency from user’s PC. So it’s is quite clear to download only what is required in your PC. Always make sure you download what you need nevertheless it is secured or not because you don’t know what may cause when. For example, if you want to download a browser, download only one not two.

4. Never Plug-in Unknown Devices Into Your PC.

Found out a Pen-drive on a roadside? Curious to see what’s inside it? Do not plug it in! 95% of road-side found pendrives contains trojan and they’re thrown deliberately to let someone find it out and plug it in their PC. Such pendrives contains malware & trojans which are set to run on autorun that means when you plug them in they’ll autorun the virus and all your information may get uploaded to hacker’s server. This will help you to protect business from security breach.

5. Hire A Well Known Security Firm To Ensure The Digital Dignity Of Your Business

If you are not a tech-savy then you should probably hire a team to protect your business if you are financially stable and ready for this. They will help you with proper consultation and will guide you to what to do and what to not to do. You can hire a security team for your business who ensures the cyber intelligence and dignity of your business. If you want a perfect, affordable and trust-worthy cyber intelligence team then you should know that The Shadow Press’s association partner also holds one. You you contact ShadowCrypt though this email : [email protected] and have a conversation with them regarding your business security.

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  1. After reading your article .how to protect our web site or our online business from the hackers and other malpractice . Now I’ll take every steps very carefully to respond unknown person’s reply or download any unknown person’s articles etc.
    Thank you very much to share the valuable information.

    • Hey Jamshed,
      You are very welcome. Glad to see that you’ve found my article informative and helpful according to your need. It would be great if you share this article with your follow friends who are involved into Internet security and other IT related sectors.
      Thank you once again,
      Manal Shaikh


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