PUBG Is Available For Free On Xbox For Limited Time; Download Now


An announcement by PUBG on its official Twitter account, the game has been set to download for free. However, the game would be available for free for only few days from today.

PUBG Is Available For Free On Xbox For Limited Time

PUBG, also known as Player’s Unknown Battle Ground is a battle royale game which has gain an acceleration and a trend in gaming market. The rumor for the game being available for free on PS4 and Xbox came out to be partially true. Microsoft announced that Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds would be free for downloading and playing this weekend.

How Long Would It Be For Free?

No, you were thinking wrong. This game wouldn’t be for free “forever”. Users can download it before 11th November.

PUBG available for free to download

The game is actually worth 29.99$(which approximately equals to 2170 INR) on Microsoft’s Xbox store.

Other Rumors About The Game

PUBG is not yet launched on PS4 platform. However, rumors has been spread around the Internet about the game to be soon releasing on PS4 platform too within few months from now. Maybe at the end of January or before the new year.

This availability of game being free on Xbox is mostly called out because of drops in player base. To gain the popularity back, the company must’ve brought the game for free.

PUBG For Xbox

Users can go to Xbox store and purchase the game for free before 11th of November. The freeship is available between 8th November to 11th November only. Users can download the game by going to Xbox or clicking here.

PUBG on Xbox One has faced severe performance issues with users complaining frame drops and glitches. For now, the game has three stared rating on Xbox download platform.

For more information about this “freeship” users can go to PUBG’s Official website to read the announcement.


What do you think about the freeship of the game? Did they do it right? If they, why did they do it? Share your comments in the comment section below.

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