Samsung Finally Introduces Its Foldable Smartphone

Foldable Smartphone

In it’s Samsung Developer Conference 2018, the Korean technology giant company, Samsung has finally unveiled its most awaited foldable smartphone. However, the company has just showed off its prototype in the conference. But it shouldn’t take much longer for the release of the cool “foldable smartphones”.

Foldable Smartphone

Before the reveal, Samsung has introduced its new Infinity Flex Display technology. This technology has of course would change the way of mobile phone usage. And would change the whole way of mobile phone possessions.

Samsung's Foldable Smartphone

However, the second reveal of the phone would surely make you shock. For the first glance, you would see the phone like a ordinary Samsung Tab but when it folds, wew!

How Does It Even Looks Like?

But it doesn’t seem like the previous models. The phone is way too thick compared to previous models.

Foldable Smartphone

During the presentation, the company added that the phone is ultra-durable and can be folded hundreds of thousands of times. Isn’t that’s an amazing feature?

I would personally love to handle that phone and touch and feel how does it even feel in my hands!

The occasion additionally saw the declaration of a Samsung-Google organization that has empowered the up and coming inherent help for this new shape factor of gadgets named “foldables.”


What do you think about the upcoming new phones? What are your thoughts? Comment down your thoughts in the comment section below and let us know your opinions for the upcoming revolutionary displays!

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