How To Secure Website & Network With These Simple Steps

Secure Website

Secure website? Or secure server? Well, everything is illusion. You can say “Security Is Just An Illusion”.

Let’s take a scenario. There is a king who has been getting threats of getting assassinated. Now it’s time for the king to increase the security for himself, his palace and his treasury.

What will he do? He will order his commander to order his guard to guard him 24/7. In and out, everywhere! What do you think about the situation of the king? He must be scared! Hey! The king is brave, isn’t he? Let’s not talk about bravery. No matter how brave you are, you will fear your death. Hey there! Let’s not talk about death. So.. Have you understood the situation? If not, let me explain.

The king is the server, the palace is the network and commander is the firewall. All these three combination makes a website. Don’t forget that treasury stands for the confidential database the server has stored within it’s network.

The King


How To Secure Website?

Let’s not play king and enemy. Let’s move on to our main topic and concept.

The Code

To make the outer shell of your network stronger, you must make your core stronger. But what is the core? The kernel of your OS? Or what? Well, No.

The Code

The core of your system is your codings. If your coding have vulnerabilities within it, you’re gone. The main work of an hacker to breach into the server is to check for core vulnerability. Before hiring a web developer or a programmer for your project, make sure you write up and let him sign the agreement for the responsibility of your network. You can add Sucuri WAF(Web App Firewall) to make sure if there is any vulnerability in your website, hacker cannot exploit it. They’re good enough, so I’d recommend you.

A few weeks back, Kodi, an online movie streaming application’s addon was found to be compromised by an attacker. The attacker edited the code by adding malicious cryptomining malware codes through which he mined cryptocurrency. Read more.

If you are a programmer then you should check your code very deeply. This deep double

Your Wall Judges The Value Of Your Treasury – Firewall

It doesn’t matter how good your palace looks like from outside. If you ask me, I would just paint a thermacol and use it as a wall. But does that satisfy you? No. It’s weak. Make sure you have a firewall that has everything you need. Let’s see what our beloved Wikipedia has got to say about Firewall.

In computing, a firewall is a network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. A firewall typically establishes a barrier between a trusted internal network and untrusted external network, such as the Internet.

If you’re at corporate level and have 5000$+ budget to spend on security, I would recommend you to buy Cloudflare’s Enterprise plan. It includes top level WAF and a lot of other highly optimized security features compared to the “FREE” plan.

For those who don’t know what Cloudflare is, read our guide on cloudflare.

Firewall plays an important role in a network’s security. But choosing a correct firewall that is right according to your need is very important. If you do even a small mistake, or compromise for your website’s security, it may lead to a critical threat for your company in future.

The Stronger You Become The More You Be Able To Reach Your Height

It doesn’t matter if you are running a small blog or a corporate level business, you must have a strong base. If you are running low on resources then you might often face “ERROR ESTABLISHING DATABASE CONNECTION”. 80% of time when this error is occured, it is because of DoS/DDoS attack being carried out against your server/website.

If you are getting attacked, it isn’t your fault. It’s your hosting provider’s fault who doesn’t have load balancers on their server to tackle unnecessary traffics. You can checkout Shadow Hosting for secured and affordable web hosting.

Use Strong Password

Do you love your girlfriend/boyfriend? Or you still have feelings for your ex? I feel that. But never use their name in your password. Your personal life must never get involved into your professional life as it results. The first priority of a hacker is to compromise your email. He writes your name and 1-5 numerical as an attempt of authentication. For example, your name is John. He will try password as “John12345” or “john123” or “john12031996″ where ”

Choose A Strong Password

I know when most of us love someone very effectively, we end up using their name as our password. You can learn how to choose strong password for your credentials.

Never Get In Phish’s Net

You know fish, right? But what does Phish mean? Yes, you thought right. Phish means phishing. “Phishing” is a technique in which a hacker manipulates a login portal and makes a fake out of it. It mainly consists of a social media website or a net banking website.

PhishingYou must protect your business/website against phishing websites and email. Because whenever a hacker targets you, his first attempt to hack you is to manipulate you by contacting you. He will create a fake profile, mostly of an opposite gender with fair skin or pretty face as a profile picture to bait you. After you accept, he/she will manipulate you by seducing you online. Better you don’t accept such kind of fake profiles.

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2FA Is The “MUST”!

2FA? What does it mean? The term “2FA” stands for two-factor authentication. In case if a hacker is able to compromise your database and get password to administrator panel, he/she won’t be able to log into your admin portal. It is because when the hacker tries to login into your portal, an email or SMS will be sent to you to verify the identity of the one who is logging in.

2FA aka 2-Factor Authentication

You must implement it on your website to make sure that a hacker cannot access your client’s account or your account. This will help you to secure website and minimize attacks by 30%.

Most of Two Factor Authentications are smart and doesn’t always asks for verification. It does, but only when it is being logged in from an unknown source or a country which is not recognized by the administrator of the website or the client.

Always Keep You Firewall & Antivirus Mechanism Updated

There are thousands of method being made by hackers everyday to invade his/her target. Such targets are mainly caught by antivirus on daily basis. So it is very important to set your antivirus database update frequency to daily.


Not only it’s database but also it’s main UI. This is essential if there is any security patch for Antivirus’s UI.

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Hire An Expert If You Want To Save Your Time & Money

Hire an expert to setup firewall for you. You heard “save money”, right? How can you save money by hiring an expert? Well, in ShadowCrypt Cyber Intelligence, we do our best to lower our client’s budget. Our main motive is to secure your network against attacks.

ShadowCrypt Cyber Intelligence

After proper and required testing, our security officer will guide you to the best for the best security without spending thousands of dollars for just security. We will help you secure website for you in the cheapest budget. You can hire me regarding network testing and other security implementation and consultation on Fiverr. I will also help you to secure website after the consultation in my network testing gig and network analysis gig.

Conclusion, but not the end.

Some of the ways may cost you money. But if you are well-aware of cyber security ethics, then you must be knowing about it’s security. Take care of yourself in the online world as it is not just a source of information but the source of modern and digital threat.

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