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Shodan is called the paradise of hackers which is created by┬áJohn Matherly. Shodan is named after evil computer in a video game called “System Shock”. As in present, Shodan is named after the evil computer of the video game of System Shock. Also Shodan is considered as the scariest search engine on the Internet for IoT devices.

Shodan shows you what Google doesn’t. It is designed for an aim to connect all the IoT devices to its website. It takes less then a second to search thousands of databases around the world and check for the query. Shodan works by collecting the HTTP requests from various devices linked to the Internet and indexes it. The indexing is based on Country,OS, Brand and etc.

Shodan’s power can be assumed by its ability to collect datas. It can collect the data of traffic light,CCTV cameras,control system of the gas stations, power grids around the globe. Not only these things, but it can also get access to the nuclear power plants which are running on default or no passwords on their system. Most of these public services don’t even bother to change their default passwords and leave it for possession. And once this is exposed to the hackers,terrorist organizations, it can be disastrous.

If a security camera have telnet installed on its server, then you might want to get it off. Hackers can exploit your camera and access it if it’s hub is exposed to the Internet using this Search Engine. It isn’t easy but nor impossible.

There are thousands of devices that are running on default passwords or no password on it at all. Shodan crawls and collects the device’s IP address and check for the default password, if your system is exposed to the Internet with a default password, and if shodan crawls it, it will get indexed on their search engine.

Shodan is a website that connects all the IoT devices around the globe and also called a paradise for hackers. We hope you don’t use it for bad purposes! Cheers!


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