Here Is The Reason Why DDoS-For-Hire Market Is Falling

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After the fallout of the biggest DDoS-For-Hire web stresser website called as “”, many other websites seems to be giving up providing the services.

For those who don’t know, here is the details. Recently, In last month world’s biggest network stresser website was reportedly sealed down by the Government of United States of America. The website was being a source for the attacks received on the government websites of America. Not only America, the stresser website caused a major downtime to the other European Government and private organization websites. down ss

What is network booter/stresser?

Network booters are a kind of online stress testing websites that gives their users an opportunity to take down other websites in exchange of a small fee of ten to twenty dollars. These attacks are as strong as nine to ten gigabytes per second. Attacks launched from these booters are more likely deployed from infected computers in the form of Botnet.

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Why is this fallout happening?

The paid users from these booters usually violates their ToS by taking down government websites.

Not only webstresser, but also Fruitstresser,Netbunker and many more famous booters are reportedly been taken down without any notice. It looks like the reason for fallout in the stress testing market is their users abusing ToS of their website. The available booters like ragebooter,blunterATM and etc have increased restrictions on stress testing websites by blacklisting government websites and their server with education websites.

Let’s not participate in this crime but giving up your current booter plan because no one knows when can cops bang your door and detain you.

How do these sites work when launching attacks?

These websites claims to have dedicated servers with themselves to launch attack. But it’s simple math that no hosting provider provides their server to launch such attacks so they usually use botnet to launch such attacks. Whenever an attack is launched from a private server, the data center gets informed and the server is suspended immediately to avoid further bandwidth wastage.


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