Top 4 Antivirus To Boost Your PC Performance

Top 4 Antivirus

Imagine that you’ve got an idea to implement it on your website. Or a topic to write down on your website as article. You turn on your computer, wait for 10 minutes for your PC to load, wait another minute to open your browser and wait another 5 minutes to start writing article on your website. Isn’t that¬†frustrating and time consuming work? Here is the list of Top 4 Antivirus that’ll suite your PC needs and boost the performance of your computer.

Why Do I Need An AntiVirus?

The word “AntiVirus” itself mean a platform that prevents your device from viruses. From booting up to shutting down, your PC creates multiple unwanted temp files that leads to unnecessary consumption of your computer disk space.

Whenever you open up a browser and surf Internet, you don’t know how you’re being tracked. Even when you browse Internet, unwanted files are being downloaded in form of viruses without your consent. This downloads leads to unnecessary consumption of your Internet speed that affects your whole home network Internet.

Hacker pointing you to login into his phishing page

You get an email of winning 10 million USD. But you know that it’s a scam, still you click on the link given by the scammer on your email. And what do you get? You get redirected to some porn websites, or any other adware infected websites. If not those, of course a phishing login page that you are not aware of if it is real or fake. Wait there! You think you can really know authenticity of the page by just looking at the URL? Oh damn, you’re wrong. A technique called “Phonetic Phishing Domain” can spoof the domain so smartly that you can’t catch the culprit behind easily.

Top 4 Antivirus

Let’s begin with the top 4 antivirus that is best for our PC.

1. Kaspersky Total Security


The reason for it to get first in our list is it’s relevancy and price. I never had given them a try until a month back my PC was lagging like a hell. I was browsing down on Internet and found this one to be cheap and in my budget. For just 2.9$(206 INR), you can get your single computer secured. For the first, it took 4-5 hours to scan my PC. I restarted my PC and found it to be more lagging for the first 2 restarts. And suddenly, the very next day, my PC became soo smooth. If I didn’t had Kaspersky, I wouldn’t have been writing down this article at this time.

Kaspersky Total Security

2. Net Protector Antivirus


Net Protector Antivirus or NPAV has scored 2nd in our list for it’s featured UI and relevancy. It’s quite costly then compared to Kaspersky but it worth the price. I had this antivirus in my PC back in year 2016 and it was running quite good. Looking down to the review, it can still hold a good reputation in my eyes. Just the matter is of price, else it’s better then any other antivirus! The feature they’ve provided worth the price. Even after being worth of it’s price, it still holds the 2nd position because this is based within India.

Net Protector Antivirus

3. QuickHeal Antivirus


QuickHeal secures it’s 3rd position in our list because of it’s UI and relevancy. It needs to improve it’s price because it doesn’t worth. Not too costly for those who are planning for corporate level purchase of antivirus because their multiple computer package comes up with discounts and lower price compared for a solo or personal computer. Because of it’s relevancy and performance, it holds 3rd position in ShortByte’s Top 4 Antivirus list.

QuickHeal Antivirus

4. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus


It holds 4th position in ShortByte’s Top 4 Antivirus because of it’s UI and price. If we talk about relevancy, it doesn’t suits up our need. Well, not actually but it isn’t good for PC with ram lower then 4 GB. It is good for high-performance and gaming PC but not for low-end PC for official use. Although if we talk about high end performance about this antivirus, it is good enough to optimize game-plays. We’ll give them 3.5 out of five stars.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

The above antivirus holds for the top 4 antivirus because of their relevancy, pricing and UI. The above reviews are based on personal and public review experienced by us or other users. ShortBytes is not sponsored by any of the antivirus in any form hence it is just for review purpose. You may choose antivirus depending on your need. For me, I am currently using Kaspersky and I recommend you too if you want to boost your PC performance. Thank you for reading. If you have got any idea or suggestion, comment down below!

We have posted after a long time, we hope you face a new and better performance then ever after server migration. Have an awesome weekend and take a chill pill and rest the hell outta night! Greetings from ShortBytes Media International.

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