Top 7 Ways to Secure Your Computer Against Cyber Attack


In today’s life of Internet surfing, it is mandatory to keep yourself safe from Cyber attacks because recently there have been many attacks reported infecting millions of computers.

Protect your computer

You don’t know when you are hacked and when you can be hacked. So always ensure your security by installing anti-virus. But, ‘trusted’ anti-virus because nowadays, even anti-virus are containing malware and spyware to infect computers.

Passwords are the key to the lock

Passwords are one of the most confidential data you’re keeping track of. So, Always keep your computer protected by choosing best combinations of passwords. When a hacker gains access to a website, the data is stored into the database of the website. Except passwords, all the data are in plain texts. Passwords are kept in salt. So, if you have a strong password, then it will be hard for the hacker to decrypt the password. So, next time you putup password in your computer, include special character in the passwords like, ‘@!#$%^’ with atleast one character in capital letter and atleast in small and one in numbers.

Arm your computer by making it to wear vest.

VPN, stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN keeps your computer safe from attack through online attacks. VPN hides your real IP address and spoofs it with a virtual IP. Not all VPNs are safe because some VPN keeps a log of their user’s activities. Some full-feature VPNs, like NordVPN, can guarantee no logs, making them some of the most private VPNs available.

Public things aren’t good then you think.

Public WiFis like hotel’s WiFi, Railway WiFi aren’t that safe enough because not only you but there are many others connected to it. So avoid using public networks because they’re harmful. Hacker can too connect to same WiFi and do MITM attack and hack into your device.

Malware takes over offline things too.

Malware can take over your computer through Internet mean if you download any infected file. But Malware can be spread by offline means such as USB, CD,DVD, etc. Infected removable devices can be connected to your device and your computer can too be infected.

Software updates shouldn’t be ignored.

Many of your softwares frequently needs updates. Every time they patch some or the other vulnerability in their software. Let’s take an example, your computer got hacked by a hacker who exploited one of the software installed on your computer. The software company is informed about the exploit and they release update. When they release update, you should update it so that you’re protect from future attacks.


Orbitz old website hacked causing a leak of 880k payment cards.


Back up your data

The “nuclear option” for eliminating a virus is to reset your device or to wipe it clean and reinstall the OS. Prepare for this possibility by securely backing up your most important data – and make sure it isn’t infected when you return it to your system.




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