Ukranian Employees Connects Nuclear Power Plant To Internet & Mines Crypto

Ukrainian Employees Connects Nuclear Plant To Internet To Mine Bitcoin

It is well known fact that Nuclear Power Plants are one of the most powerful solution for providing huge amount of power that can lit up an entire city, or sometimes, a whole country(depending on how big it is). This can sometimes be connected to Internet and fishy things like mining cryptocurrencies is possible using it.

In a surprising event, employees working at Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine were found to have been mining crypto-currencies using the power generated by the Nuclear Plant. This incident happened last month, July in South Ukraine Nuclear Power plant.

Local authorities are investigating about this incident as nuclear power plant is a critical infrastructure and if anything goes wrong, it can cause serious blackouts around the country. There are possible chances that bad guys might have used the mining rigs to grab hold of secrets like the plant’s physical defenses.

This incident came into light when Ukrainian Secret Service or SBU raided nuclear power plant administration offices and found hardware that are meant to be used for mining cryptocurrencies.

The Report…

The authorities confiscated basic computer parts like metal case, video cards and coolers that are mostly used in machines that are used by crypto mining rigs. As per the documents provided by the court to the public, one metal case had 6 Radeon RX 470 GPU video cards and the other had 5 more cards of same type.(Video cards are mostly used to mine cryptocurrencies as they’re powerful when comes to computing power.)

As per the reports, many employees are charged with connecting the plant to Internet but no arrests have been made so far.

What might have inspired them to mine?

It seems that this attempt is inspired by the hike of price of cryptocurrencies trading price. Because since last year, it was quite a bad year for crypto market. However, this year, crypto is seen to have much higher growth. As of today, Bitcoin’s value per coin is around $10,100+.

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